Friday Links

It’s Third Advent this weekend! Are you on track? Behind? Going bonkers bananas, as Lucy likes to say? Did you crash and burn without MOMs yesterday, like I did?

Here is a really great blog post on toddlers and the lack of silver bullet for parenting them. Goodness gracious, did I need to read this. Toddlers be crazy, yo.

This article isn’t quite as calming. It’s yet another addition to the rhetoric on children, toys, gender, and marketing, and it takes the view that trying to create a gender-neutral world for children is impossible. The conversation is important, but it’s obvious that the work is still not over, since although the author says that girls’ and boys’ play needs to be treated equally, she still dismisses all girls’ play as house, dolls, and princesses, whereas boys play with blocks/lego, balls, and roughhouse with each other. To me, that language is still too divisive. Obviously I’ve thought about it a lot – have you? Do you care?

The last link is fun! I don’t know if any of you follow Made By Joel, but you MUST check out his website. He’s an artist and has lots of free printable toys and games – great for restaurants and road trips, as well as just chillin’ at home. He has a series called Paper City, and this week he did a Paper City Nativity (it’s a Matthew nativity scene, not a Luke one – no shepherds) and I love it. It’s on our shelf already.

Have a lovely weekend!


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