Updated: Wrap up: Making Advent Meaningful

ImageSo after a rather sticky situation Thursday (moral of the story MAKE SURE THE LID IS ON) I had this awesome blog post typed up and was just about to press publish and somehow did something funny on my new computer and lost everything except the picture ūüė¶ So I have to admit I haven’t been too enthused to retype it but here we go.

Thursday we had a round the circle discussion on how we remembered Advent as a child and how we as big people are making advent meaningful for our little people.

For most of us growing up Advent was celebrated in church, if celebrated at all,¬†¬†all of us had a fascination with fire, and some of us had to share our chocolate. But there were a few in the group that celebrated everyday of Advent and it wasn’t just about chocolate. They were fun activities that fostered a sense of Jesus and kindness.

With the internet today there is a plethora of ideas and pinterest¬†is full of some pretty presentations, although I swear that all the pictures are show rooms, whose house looks that awesome, really! Rant aside here is a list of ideas composed by MOM’s.

  • Listen/sing Christmas Carols
  • Make Christmas Cards
  • Phone/Skype Family and tell them you love them
  • Look through flyers and “grocery shop” for food items, go shopping for items and donate them to a food bank
  • Donate old toys to charity
  • Have a picnic
  • Watch Christmas Movies
  • Read a special Christmas story
  • Drive around and look at the Christmas lights¬† (My favourite Christmas Eve tradition)
  • Bake a birthday cake for Jesus and eat it for breakfast ( This is the greatest idea ever!)
  • Write letter’s to Santa
  • Count objects like windows, doors, TV’s in your house and add a “value” ex. 5 cent per tv. and at the end donate the sum to charity
  • Bake and decorate cookies
  • Go on the Christmas train ride in Charlsewood¬†3001 Roblin Blvd. Christmas at the Taylors $2 per person
  • Pajama party
  • Visit Santa Clause.
  • Gina’s List! Also just peruse the blog for other activities, and PICTURES.
  • Go select your Christmas Tree
  • Decorate Christmas Tree
  • Decorate the house
  • Singing for Seniors (I try to do this with my Sparks, and the elderly LOVE it)
  • Compose a song
  • Assemble the nativity scene ( The felt nativity Vivian talked about heartfelttruths.wordpress.com/category/advent-calendar )
  • Megan’s List Advent Ideas for Calendar
  • Chandra’s List Advent ideas(1)
  • Allison Waken from the Blog All for the Boys¬†has some great Advent Ideas and some pretty presentations as well.

There was also talk of A Book a Day for Advent. Here is a link to a the Blog MADE with some story ideas. If you have the perusing time also look through the comments because there are more book suggestions.

Maggie had also talked about a website Inner Christmas that will email you during the 12 days of Christmas and ask you to take a few moments of reflection.

Check back as I will add to the list as more ideas come in. If you have a list and I know some of you do, you can email them to bethelmoms@gmail.com if you just have ideas you can comment below.



3 thoughts on “Updated: Wrap up: Making Advent Meaningful

  1. Empathies go out to you, Danielle, for losing the initial blog post! I know exactly what that feels like and re-composing a blog is never fun.
    I loved hearing all the ideas that were presented on Thursday… I’m always adding to my list of ideas and I found the group discussion so helpful!
    Our family’s ideas are on our website under “Advent/Christmas”. (The link is attached to my name here, I think.) Email if you have questions.
    Happy Adventing, everyone.

  2. thanks for all the inspiring advent stories and ideas! i mentioned that i made a felt nativity scene to use as a daily advent calendar. matea’s been intrigued by it (and wants to know where jesus’s sister is). anyways, to make your own check out heartfelttruths.wordpress.com/category/advent-calendar. it’s pretty simple (with plenty of room for your own adaptations or embellishments) and includes instructions, patterns and a daily story “script.”

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