Wrap-Up: Coffee Talk

I love coffee talk sessions. They’re such a great opportunity to get to know each other and dig into each other’s lives more than we can during the regular sessions. Coffee talk is usually when I can heave a sigh of relief that there are other moms going through the same stuff as me, or I am reminded that this too shall pass, or I can listen to someone else’s story for a while and get out of my own head. I hope you had a refreshing morning as well!

Some notes and housekeeping that need to be passed on:

We’re supposed to start our session at 9:30. I know it’s hairy to get many and various sizes of people ready and out the door to be somewhere at 9:15, but let’s renew our efforts so we can maximize the time we have for our sessions.

The kids in the 2/3 and 4/5 rooms should be bringing their own water bottle (as Erinne mentioned), but no snacks please. The caregivers sit the kids down for a proper snacktime so I promise they are not starving.

We still need 1 person to bring savory snack on November 8.

We also need 2 people to do devotionals October 25 (that’s next week!) and November 8. Please leave a comment if you can help! If you need to see the schedules, click here or at “sign-up schedules” up top.

Also, I just realized that I haven’t started sending out the weekly newsletter yet! Do you miss it?

One final note: Erinne is organizing a class with Pamela Whyte and passed around a sign up sheet this morning. If you want to be a part of the class but couldn’t sign up, send her an email (see the contacts tab at the top for her address).

Ok, that’s all the announcements! Have a great week.



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