What’s up this week: Pamela Whyte

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a lovely turkey supper, or ham, or chicken etc…. I don’t know about you but I’m stuffed! Ha all puns intended. But aside from bad turkey jokes, what is your favourite part of thanksgiving? What are you thank-full for?

I know for myself it’s my family, a new awesome job this summer and a baby turning 1. Oh my goodness!

Speaking of children, this week we will be visited by the incredible parent educator Pamela White as she talks about Holding on to your children. So bring your listening ears, possibly a note pad if you’re forgetful like myself and prepare to be inspired.


Quick edit, in case you don’t see Erinne’s comment: leave a comment with any questions or topics you want Pamela to cover, or email Erinne (see her comment for her address). Thanks! ~Annemarie


One thought on “What’s up this week: Pamela Whyte

  1. Hello Folks! Pamela will be discussing Gordon Neufeld’s book “Hold on to your Kids” and the parenting techniques there in. If you have specific parenting questions please email me directly at erinne@mymts.net and I will pass along your questions to Pamela to prep for our morning together.

    See you Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving!

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