It’s Coming…

The Fall 2012 schedule is up! We’re really excited about our upcoming session, so have a look and leave a comment to say what you’re looking forward to! Also, all our committee members are listed now under the Contacts tab, so get in touch with one of us if you have any questions or comments.

IMPORTANT: We need some more caregivers this year! Do you know anyone who would love to come hang out with our kids? Please ask them! Make an announcement in your church and get people in touch with our Caregiver Coordinators (Lisa-Joy, Shannon, and Chantal – their email addresses are on our Contacts page) – we’re adding an extra walking babies/young toddler room this year to take some of the pressure off, but it means we definitely need more caregivers. So please help us out if you can!

We’re only 10 days away from starting up… are you excited?



One thought on “It’s Coming…

  1. The Fall lineup looks great! I’m so excited about hearing Pamela Whyte. Thanks for making this a priority! It looks like salsa will be a great way to start up, too.
    Can’t wait!

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