A Mighty Girl

I found a new website that’s a great resources for books and movies with strong female roles. It’s called A Mighty Girl and it looks awesome.

I also read a related article on gender stereotypes and raising children. The title claims to help you avoid gender stereotypes, which is pretty much impossible since stereotypes are a cultural mindset rather than an individual bias, but it has great points and ideas.

What do you think? Do you try to avoid gender bias with your children, or do expect boys to be boys and girls to be girls? How do your views jive or clash with your friends and family?



One thought on “A Mighty Girl

  1. I think I am aware of the biases and since I taught Kindergarten, I am fully aware of the need to experiment with each others “pink”and “blue”toys. I cant tell you how many mothers I had to peel off the ceiling when they walked in and saw their son with a big ladies hat, dress, heels and matching purse. It was pure curiosity because either they didn’t have a sister or more often, werent allowed to.
    I’ll be the first to admit my own biases. I, myself, prefer a rugged man to the metrosexual, pink shirt wearing man. But my son has a doll, has a kitchen, dress up clothes and is encouraged to play with his sister’s things. Yet, he still prefers his motorcycles, he can make better sound effects than I can, And even though his fav color has been purple for the past 3 years, he now SAYS its black. But he still picks the purple marker.
    Ava is girly to a point. She loves her pink and sparkles but would rather play boy things with her brother. Right now it is more of an adoration for her brother and social. I don’t doubt that in the next year or two my home will be divided by “pink” and “blue”. But not because I intended it to be that way. It just is who they are and I am fine with that.

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