New Mom Meal Ideas

I know none of us are strangers to the awesomeness of bringing food to new moms, but I know that sometimes it’s hard to think of what to make. Lasagna often takes centre stage for meal delivery, but there are lots of great options. Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn blog posted this week about a “taco box” for new parents, and the comments are full of great ideas.

If you received meals after your baby, what were your favourites? Or, what do you like to make for other people? I like making borscht and bread for others because you can freeze them easily, and it was amazing to get a couple of giant salads to eat for lunches after my babies.



3 thoughts on “New Mom Meal Ideas

  1. When I had Grady I recieved some AMAZING home made chicken fingers (which I would love to get the recipie). We also recieved some delishious turkey soup (one way to use up thanksgiving supper :P) chili, muffins and pizza one night. Lasanga is SO easy to make, hard to mess up and freezes well, not to mention DELISHIOUS!

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