Coming Up: Summer MOMs! Hooray!

How have your last two Thursday mornings been? I hope you weren’t too sad and lonely without MOMs. I have good news for you – Summer MOMs is set to launch VERY SOON. Next week we are planning to have an informal learn-about-the-committee meeting for anyone who is interested – you don’t have to commit to anything yet, but come find out what’s involved. We’ll have a few options available to keep our kids entertained and it won’t be very long. We’re planning to meet at Bethel, but the specific location isn’t confirmed yet. I’ll put it up on Monday.

The following week, May 3, is our first “official” Summer MOMs get-together. We’ll meet in the lower lounge any time after 9:30. If you can’t make it until 10 or 10:30, that is just fine. Bring your own snacks, and I’ll make coffee and bring in some toys. It’s basically a giant playdate.

After that, we’ll meet at Bethel every other Thursday, and on alternate weeks we’ll be at various parks. I would LOVE your park recommendations, or even just a heads-up to where in the city you live. Last year we went all over. I’ll post our upcoming location every Monday, so make sure you keep checking the blog.




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