Wrap-Up: Secrets and Lies

This week was one of our Coffee Talk sessions, which is essentially a chance for us to talk even more than usual. It’s always great to get to know each other better, and this time we started off by going around the circle and sharing our “dirty little secrets.” Shockingly, most of them were related to our guilty pleasures of sneaking snacks when our kids are busy, watching tv, or our housework failings. It was pretty awesome to hear how many of us had the same “secrets” – it was a reminder that it’s silly to think we’re alone in this.

Erinne also gave a short testimony on realizing that she’s not actually in the spotlight and not everyone is looking at her and judging her. That mindset is an extremely common one, especially for women, and it can be really tough to get over it, particularly once we have children and our parenting is on display. Related to that, I came across an article this week about judging other moms – it’s called I’m Judging You Right Now, but I surprisingly didn’t find it to be out to lunch. The main message is more about keeping yourself accountable and mature than it is finding fault with all the moms around you, and that’s an important consideration on the flip side of the issue. What do you think?

Oh, and one other link: this is particularly geared for moms who spend lots of time online, but there’s a blog/movement called The Mom Pledge that’s all about stopping cyberbullying among moms. I think that is an excellent idea.



One thought on “Wrap-Up: Secrets and Lies

  1. I highly recommend this and her previous talks. Sorta goes along with the theme of last Thursday. ” dirty little secrets. i don’t agree with eveything she says but 98% rings true

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