Summer MOMs 101

This AMAZING weather is making me think about summer (when I won’t be pregnant anymore – bliss!), and that makes me think of Summer MOMs. We’ve definitely mentioned it a few times, so this is just another reminder.

Last year I was so sad that MOMs was over that I organized get-togethers every Thursday morning so I wouldn’t get too lonely. (I like to turn my selfish whims into philanthropy.) It’s basically a super-informal playdate – no childcare, bring your own snacks and toys, and we’ll hang out. Last year I booked our usual room for every other week and we’d bring in some toys and make coffee. Then on the opposite weeks, we went to various parks around the city. I’m planning to do it the same way this year – we’ll probably start with a week or so off, then a few consecutive weeks at Bethel while we wait for the parks to dry out. You don’t have to commit to anything. You can bring friends/husbands/grandparents/dogs. Watch the blog for the weekly location – I’ll try to post it on Mondays but be kind. I will be having a baby in the next few weeks here (right? RIGHT?).

One final note: I would love to hear about your favourite parks or free stuff to do in the city so I have ideas. We’re willing to go all over the city, so send them on to me – my email address is linked on the Contact page, or comment on one of the Summer MOMs posts, or let me know in person (possibly risky, but you can try).



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