Wrap-Up: Elizabeth’s Story

It seems fitting that we had Elizabeth share her story today on International Women’s Day. It was great to hear about the work she and her husband Joseph do in Kenya, and also get a different perspective on womanhood. If you’re interested in the work that she and her husband do, here are a few links to help you out:

Generations at Risk – MCC’s HIV/AIDS help & prevention program

IVEP – International Volunteer Exchange Program – the program that brought Joseph to Canada in 2008

Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies at CMU – Joseph’s current program

Joseph and Elizabeth work with people who are currently infected with HIV/AIDS to get them access to medication and food so they can return to normal life. They also help AIDS orphans by getting them in an understanding school (being HIV+ has a lot of stigma attached to it) and training kids grades 1-8 in AIDS prevention to go out and be peer counsellors for the community. Joseph is currently studying at CMU and they plan to go back to Kenya to keep working in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention from a conflict transformation perspective. Elizabeth has plans for a ministry to work with AIDS widows, since women are culturally unable to remarry after their husbands have died, even though men traditionally have several wives.

We’re so grateful that Elizabeth was willing to share her story with us – it was great perspective-changer.



One thought on “Wrap-Up: Elizabeth’s Story

  1. Elizabeth – what a blessing it was to hear your story this week! I was moved like I have not been in some time and am just so grateful you are a part of MOMs and that we are privileged to know you. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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