Long Distance Lovin’

I know there are MANY moms in our group who deal with spouses who have funky work schedules, travel a lot, are still in school, or other life situations that complicate our marriages – and our parenting.

This blog post talks about some of the challenges of ‘long distance marriages’ and gives some tips on how to work through them. What tips would you give if you were writing a similar post on ‘long distance parenting’ (whether that distance is caused by geography or work schedules or anything else)?

– Lindsay


2 thoughts on “Long Distance Lovin’

  1. Honestly, the most important thing when Sam worked in the oilpatch was to remember that getting used to being together again always took a couple of days. Sometimes it’s harder to get used to sharing space again than it was to deal with missing him.

  2. That blog post made me laugh out loud. Multiple times. And yes, I did look at the post entitled “The Evolution of Sex in Marriage”. Physical intimacy has been really important for us, but so have all of the little attentions. Being very deliberate about making the time that we have with each other count and putting aside all distractions to just sit together, to talk and listen is perhaps the most important element for us.

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