Postpartum Fitness Reality

Postpartum Fitness Reality CHECK might have been a better title…

The mom in this Today’s Parent online article was super brave – brave enough to share photos of her postpartum body with the world and talk about her (incorrect) expectations for her body after baby.

I know there are women who wear Size 2 jeans home from the hospital. I am not friends with them (I kid, I kid…). I am happy for them. But the more likely scenario involves lots of hard work, lots of patience, and lots of awkward teary conversations with our partners.

I made a decision pretty soon after B was born to try to ignore insta-skinny new moms and any theories about how long it ‘should’ take to lose the baby weight. A good friend (who’s a mommy herself) came to see me a few weeks after B was born and suggested I adopt a five year plan. I thought she was crazy (FIVE YEARS?!) but she was right. And her advice has helped. A LOT. Because I definitely have one of those body types that EMBRACED pregnancy with capital letters and I’m going to need every single day of those five years. It’s also helped that so many people in my life who I love haven’t been able to experience a pregnancy – and so I can’t help but feel we’re pretty LUCKY to have every residual flabby part or stretch mark.

I can maintain this zen approach pretty effectively until a random stranger pats my tummy flab and asks when I’m due. BUT THAT’S ANOTHER POST FOR ANOTHER DAY.

I read a quote this year that made me smile to myself (and is totally on topic): Your body is not ruined. You are a tiger who earned her stripes.

Any thoughts, mamas?

– Lindsay


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