Let’s Talk About Church (Baby)

As a committee, we’ve been chatting a little bit lately about how many churches are represented by the moms in our group (and of course, we know that a bunch of us don’t attend church). We’re curious to know if you attend church – and if so, where you go.

We’ve set up a totally anonymous poll – and we’d love it if you’d take a second to answer it. If you don’t go to church, click that option. If you attend occasionally at a few different places, click as many options as you need to. And if you attend a church not listed here, you can let us know which one (we pulled this list from past MOMs attendees).

And while we’re chatting about church… How has the church experience changed for you? Is attending church on Sunday mornings something that has become more important, less important, or stayed the same for you since becoming parents?

– Lindsay


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