Battling Backtalk

This article showed up in my inbox this morning, and it had a few good ideas that I wanted to pass along. It’s all about kids talking back and how to deal with it (I’m assuming I don’t have the only kid in the world who does this if it’s the subject of a major parenting article!).

Battling Backtalk: Five Tips Every Parent Needs

What do you think? Have you tried any of these strategies in your home? Or have you discovered different things that work? We’d love to hear about it!

– Lindsay


One thought on “Battling Backtalk

  1. I have been battling a case of very-short-fuse, easily-frustrated-and-quick-to-anger syndrome in the past couple of weeks. In my head I blame it on pregnancy fatigue and my body channeling resources to the baby forming inside me. In reality, though, I know that I have control over how I react and respond and that I need to take a more hands-on-approach to choosing how I respond to things. Just recognizing that I have choices over my behavior, as juvenile as it sounds, makes a huge difference. And if I can remember that in the moment of wanting to swat my child away from something or forcibly remove an object or child from a situation, it is a success. Why did no one tell us that modeling the behavior we want our children to exhibit is one of the most difficult lessons of parenthood?!

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