Get Involved

If you love MOMs – and have some opinions about what kinds of sessions you’d like to see or want the chance to get to know more of the incredible people in our group – why not become a MOMs volunteer? There are a few different ways you can help.

Join Our Committee

We meet four or five times a year (usually a weekday evening or a Saturday morning, but whatever works best for the group). Committee members are involved in choosing and planning session topics, usually commit to either coming a little bit early or staying a little bit late on Thursday mornings to help, and take on a few ‘extra’ duties according to their interests, passions, and gifts. If that sounds like a lot, please remember that we’re all moms and we are super flexible and willing to cover for each other – hey, EVERYONE’s kids get sick sometimes!

We have a GREAT committee this year, but we already know that a few of our members will be moving on in the fall. Now is a perfect time to think about whether or not you’d like to be a part of the 2012/2013 MOMs committee. We’d love to get you involved now, so you can get your feet wet and learn the ropes before next year’s planning really gets started.

Help Out with Summer MOMs

We’re also looking for one or two people to help plan our Summer MOMs events – and this does not need to mean a commitment to be on the committee. Our Summer MOMs coordinators take care of choosing meet-up locations and making sure that someone is there to host every one of our Thursday AM events from late April to late August. It’s not a big job, but it’s obviously easier with a few people to share the responsibility.

Our next committee meeting is happening on March 6. If you’d like to know more about either of these volunteer opportunities, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer your questions!

– Lindsay


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