Sleep Deprived Mommies Unite!

I wish someone had sent this article my way when I had a two week old in my house… Why a Wakeful Baby Isn’t a Problem (Today’s Parent) is such a refreshing perspective on parental sleep deprivation. If you’re in that chapter of life now – or gearing up to start it all over again – it’s worth a read!

How did you cope with a wakeful baby? How did your partner cope? What ideas would you give to another parent who’s living through colic / teething / etc?

– Lindsay


One thought on “Sleep Deprived Mommies Unite!

  1. I was prepared for Caden’s colic but I was no prepared for Ava’s. I’m sad I missed the session where things like that were discussed. With Ava, I went to bed with terrible anxiety knowing I would have to get up in a hour to feed her and every hour all night. This screaming child would wake Caden who was frightened by this noise at night and would also be crying.
    For 3 months I endured the mosquito-like screaming from Ava as she tried to feed in my lap as I balanced myself on Cade’s floor, in the dark, with one arm down in the playpen holding his hand singing “Jesus Loves Me & Twinkle Twinkle”.
    I remember one night clutching Ava as she screamed and just saying the words out loud, “I am going to call someone for help”. That struck me about where I was at.

    I prayed like I never prayed before. I prayed each and every time I heard them cry that God would give me the strength to get up, meet their need and get them back to sleep as soon as possible.
    I did get some help. I asked my mom to take Cade for a couple nights so I could concentrate on Ava and meeting her needs. I felt I didn’t know her, even after 3 months. I was just tired of her screaming. Well, that was an amazing experience because I got to treat her like my only child. We bonded and I realized she wanted to go to bed earlier, I put her on her schedule and the screaming stopped.

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