The Cost of Eating Healthy

There have been LOTS of articles on this topic over the last couple of years – including that Winnipeg Free Press story we linked to a few weeks ago – but this is another look at The Cost of Eating Healthy from the dual perspective of dollars + access.

I’m super interested to know what this group thinks… Do you find it expensive to choose healthy foods for your family? Do you find that it’s faster + easier to go to convenience foods (or fast food)? Are healthy choices harder to access?

– Lindsay


One thought on “The Cost of Eating Healthy

  1. a hot topic for sure. jeff and i had so many reactions to that last article! i could go on and on as a food & nutrition teacher, but in a nutshell, it is NOT expensive to eat healthfully. what might be expensive is the time expended for the education/knowledge needed to know how to eat properly. but saying that fruits and veggies, etc. are expensive and processed/pre-made foods are cheaper… well, it’s just not true. i can make a meal that tastes great, fills us up and is healthful with all nutrients needed on a very tight budget – a couple bucks or less per person. eating nutritiously might take a bit of planning and a bit more prep time (not always – just depending on what you make), but the benefits far outweigh the cons… esp. when you think about the cost of your health.

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