Spice It Up: Eight Dating Techniques

This adorable – and inspirational! – little article showed up in my inbox yesterday and I LOVE IT. This couple talks about the guidelines they’ve created to ensure their date nights happen consistently and that the time they spend together is meaningful and fulfilling.

My favourite section is describing what a date IS NOT (ie. ‘adding McNuggets to an errand does not upgrade it to a date’). We are absolutely guilty of incorporating Costco or other errands into our Date Nights sometimes. NOT VERY SEXY.

We don’t make Date Night happen as often as we’d like to, but we do pretty well at scheduling something at least once a month – a major feat when there are babysitters involved – even if it’s just rearranging our schedules so we can grab breakfast out while B is at preschool. (And speaking of breakfast… Be sure to check out the new Park Cafe at Assiniboine Park as a date option! It’s a yummy menu with reasonable prices and a gorgeous view – and you can enjoy a walk around the park after. You can even hold hands. Aww…)

Read it for yourself: Spice It Up on HowDoesShe.com

And then let us know… How’s your dating life? Have you been on any inexpensive + memorable dates with your spouse lately (that you’re willing to share with us)? Is babysitting an obstacle for you when it comes to planning Date Nights – and how do you work around that?

– Lindsay


2 thoughts on “Spice It Up: Eight Dating Techniques

  1. Great article! Thanks Lindsay.
    Reynold and I try to go on monthly dates. They range from dinner/movie to the bookstore/coffee to playing tennis to U of M vball games (this Saturday!). We pre-plan starting in January and are flexible when things come up that are beyond our control. Sometimes, if we are in a really busy work-patch, I will mark off an evening on his calendar and make the evening a movie date night. Fortunately babysitting isn’t an obstacle for us.

  2. We are lucky to have lots of family around, so once a week we try and send Ellie to her grandparents house for supper and have a mini date. Sometimes we go out, but even eating leftovers on the couch together feels fun. Having weekly time together has definitely done really good things for us. I loved all the ideas in the article!

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