Up For Grabs

I have a few random little things I’m trying to clear out of my house that may be useful to some other moms, namely:

  • 1 almost-full package of Daytime Pull-Ups (Size 3T – GIRLS)
  • 2 almost-full packages of Little Swimmers (Size M – UNISEX)
  • 1 million baby clothes hangers (some light pink, a few with Winnie the Pooh or Tinkerbell, and a gaggle of plastic store hangers – regular and with clips)

I’ll bring it all to MOMs tomorrow, so come find me if you’re interested – or leave me a comment here if you’d like to stake your claim on something!

– Lindsay


5 thoughts on “Up For Grabs

  1. I will take the pull-ups for Aria and 1 package of swimmers for Liam. Unless there is great demand. I would take less, whatever works.
    See ya on thursday

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