More Stuff Up For Grabs

Gina asked me to share this with all of you. Please leave her a comment here or email her if you’re interested!

– Lindsay

Lindsay’s post reminded me that I’ve been wanting to purge my house of a number of items for a LONG LONG time! I’m giving all of this stuff away for free – except for one of the car seats, noted below…

1)  a large bag full of used cloth diapers (they are quite well used!)

2)  a changing pad (this one’s in good condition)

3)  a couple of car seats – one to give away and one to sell for $40. They are both in great condition. Neither seats have been in any car accidents, but I think that one seat is past the expiry date for those who follow the rules.

4)  a GRACO stroller (brown plaid). It is in good condition and totally works, in general, but for those who are handy in fixing things, that would be a helpful trait since the rear wheel’s bar HAD a pin that held the wheels in place and it is now missing. The wheels do stay on as long as you figure it out, but it can be a pain in the butt sometimes. It looks to me like a simple thing to fix – if only I took the time!

If anyone is interested in any of these items, let me know so I can bring these items to MOMs on Thursday. Thanks!

– Gina


3 thoughts on “More Stuff Up For Grabs

  1. Gina: is the non-expired car seat a bucket seat – you know the kind that fit in the Graco bases that you get when you buy the whole kit and caboodle with the stroller? I have a friend who is expecting and she has the base and stroller, but her bucket is expired and she is looking to buy a new one. I’m sure she’d be interested in it if it is! Let me know 🙂

  2. Gina –
    I wasn’t able to make it this week as Aiden was super sick. But if you still have the stroller, I’d be interested. I happily left our numerous ones (doubles, single, sit and stand . . . ) behind in Vancouver but there have been a number of times now that I wish I’d kept one! I should be coming this upcoming Thursday barring that no one else gets sick!

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