Wrap-Up: Doula Time

This morning we tried out a new idea for our sessions – instead of having a speaker or an activity, we had some of our moms share about being doulas. Gabrielle, Vivian, Chandra and I all have been practicing birth doulas (although currently we’re all too engrossed in tiny-child-life to take on clients) and we talked about our memorable experiences and why we got into helping other women through childbirth.

We also went around the circle and talked about the best or worst advice we got related to childbirth, and it was an awesome insight into our many and varied experiences with becoming mothers. If you missed the morning and want to share about what you were told that was helpful or horrible, go right ahead in the comments. Even though it took a long time to get around the circle, it’s really fascinating to hear from each other’s hearts, and bringing up the topic of childbirth & becoming a mother DEFINITELY gets us talking!

Finally, if you have any questions or comments about doulas that didn’t get addressed this morning, you can definitely put those in the comments too, or email me/us.



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