Wrap-Up: Freezer Cooking

Well, it sounded like several of us learned quite a bit about cooking in advance this morning! I did my best to remember all the HOT TIPS but if I’ve forgotten any or you have some of your own, you definitely need to put them in the comments.

Things that don’t freeze well:

  • Dairy (except for grated cheese)
  • Eggs
  • Un-blanched vegetables with a high water content
  • Red potatoes (russets and Yukon gold ones will work better)
  • Raw meat that’s been frozen and thawed once already (it’ll dry out AND it is more likely to make you sick) – but you can cook it and then refreeze it

How to blanch your raw veggies for freezing: Dunk them in boiling UNSALTED water for 10-15 seconds and then shock them in cold/icy water to stop the cooking process. This keeps the veg from going mushy and gross, and it also helps prevent the nutrients from breaking down (it goes with the mushy-fying process).

Don’t salt your freezer-bound meals – salt dehydrates!

Labels are your friends.

Freezer bags are your friends too. You can freeze broth, beans, sauce, and all sorts of things in freezer bags and store them FLAT so that more fit in your freezer AND they freeze/thaw faster. Make sure you get all the air out – either squish it out with your hands, or seal the top around a straw and suck the air out before you pull out the straw and seal the hole.

Ok, that’s all my pregnant brain held on to. Was there more?

And please send in your recipes! You can send them to Lindsay or me (our addresses are linked under the contacts tab at the top) or to the Bethel Moms address – bethelmoms AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!



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