Next Up: Freezer Cooking

At MOMs this Thursday, we’ll be learning the ins and outs of freezer cooking (aka being super organized and making things on a slow day that you’ll be super grateful for on some future busy day). Maria from The Food Studio is coming to talk to us – and then walk us through assembling a freezer meal each of us to take home! OH HAPPY DAY.

Because we’re each going home with dinner for our families, our cost for this session is obviously much higher than usual. If you’re planning to participate, we’ll be asking for an extra $4 for everyone – so that’s $4 extra for people who’ve signed up for the entire Winter Session or a total of $10 if you’re paying to drop in. Please see Megan on Thursday if you haven’t prepaid.

Nothing is required except for a *suggested* apron + a hair tie if yours is long enough to get in the way. If you have a small child who stays with you, a baby wrap or carrier might not be a bad idea… But we’ll all pitch in and make sure that if you want to take a meal home, you’ll have a meal to take home.

If group cooking just isn’t your thing, please come anyway! Grab an extra cup of coffee and just hang out with the other moms who are opting out.

We’re also asking you to submit your favourite freezer cooking or make-ahead recipes that we’ll share right here on our blog… So start thinking about what you can share – and email us so we can share them with the rest of the group. Thanks!

– Lindsay


One thought on “Next Up: Freezer Cooking

  1. Hi there, I like to freeze pea soup, chili, stew, lasagna, granola bars and pretty much anytime I have made too much food, I freeze it! ~Patrice

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