Freezer Cooking Morning FAQ

We’ve been getting some questions about our upcoming Freezer Cooking morning, happening on January 26. Just thought I’d share the answers with everyone here!

Why are you charging more for this morning?
Everyone who chooses to participate in this morning is being asked to pay a little bit extra ($4 if you’ve prepaid for the whole Winter 2012 session or $10 total for drop-in) because we’ll all be going home with dinner. Your registration fees will help to subsidize the cost, but in order to make something a little bit more well-rounded than Kraft Dinner, we had to up our budget for the morning. We hope you agree that an extra $4 to feed your family is a pretty good deal!

What do I need to bring?
Maria – who will be leading the morning – will be providing bags, etc for us to put our meals in. Bring an apron if you’d like, and something to tie your hair back if you need to. The rest is covered!

What if I don’t want to participate?
We know there might be a few moms who don’t want to pay the extra fee, aren’t interested in preparing dinner with 25 other people, or aren’t sure how to make it all happen with a baby in their arms. NO BIG DEAL. Seriously. If you don’t want to make dinner, come anyway – we’ll have coffee going in the Lower Lounge and you can just hang out with the other moms who’ve decided not to participate. If it’s a matter of logistics, please don’t let that stop you. A wrap or other baby carrier might be a good idea – but there will also be lots of extra hands around and we’ll make sure that you go home with dinner if you want to.

What are we making?
Maria’s still working on that… We hope to be able to let you know by this Thursday!

Do I need to sign up in advance?
You don’t ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO – but we’d like to get the most accurate number possible so Maria can be efficient and nothing will go to waste. We’ll pass around the sign up sheet again this Thursday, or you can always email us to sign up.

Who (and when) do I pay the extra fee?
You can pay Megan on our Freezer Cooking morning, or feel free to pay in advance if you think you’ll forget. We’re easy that way.

If you have any other questions, just let us know!

– Lindsay


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