Wrap-Up: Welcome Back!

Did anyone else’s heart sing for joy even while they attempted to wrestle children into the car to be on time for MOMs this morning? Mine did. I am so glad that we’re back in action for our winter session.

Of course, the first week is never exactly gripping, but it’s great just to be in the same room as all of you, without munchkins, and with a whole bunch of snack and coffee up for grabs. We talked about the highs and lows of the past Christmas season and got the usual rundown on routine and sign-ups. I’ve updated our sign-up page – just click the link under the header to see when you’re signed up. Lindsay already posted that we have a couple of snack gaps to fill in, so comment on the previous post if you can fill any of those spots.

You can also find our winter schedule (as it stands – it’s always subject to change!) up there as well, so click away to find out what’s coming.

And as always, if you have anything you’d like to share with the group, or if you have questions, email it to me or any of the committee members – our email addresses are under the Contacts link at the top.



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