Winter 2012 Skating Schedule

The City of Winnipeg has released their schedule for FREE public skating! You can download it here.

Have you already introduced your kiddos to skating? How old were they? And how did it go?

Any tips for those of us who’ve been way too scared to try? (hehe)

– Lindsay


3 thoughts on “Winter 2012 Skating Schedule

  1. Great timing! As of TODAY, Cade is signed up in Headingley, with 4&5 year olds to learn how to skate. What is better is that I don’t have to be on the ice with him so I can watch Ava. He is pumped, but due to low numbers it may not take off. So…if you know anyone in the Headingley area with kids who need to learn to skate….!

  2. We just put our kids on skates for the first time this year (4 years old). They LOVE it – Matthew especially. They’re both learning on hockey skates. Probably the best inspiration for them is actually watching older kids play hockey – M doesn’t want to leave the outdoor rinks when there’s a hockey practice on. They’ve also spent time on the ice with their uncles who are both WAY more comfortable on skates than we are! I have a feeling my skating skills will improve this winter….

  3. I just bought Tricia (3 1/2) skates before Christmas (figure skates, I was told it was easier to switch to hockey skates if needed). She’s very excited about learning and doesn’t mind falling down, thank-you to a Cailou episode surprisingly! We went skating at the rink in my home town, they had these skating things that look like old lady walkers for the kids to hold onto. They were great, helped her get her balance and she was actually able to “skate” for a bit without holding on at all only after an hour. I had to drag her off the ice! Has anyone seen these walker things anywhere in the city, I would love for her to use them again, way better then me having to hold her up!

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