Winter Family Fun Ideas

We usually try to post free (or almost free) family fun ideas here, but there are so many great ticketed events going on in Winnipeg this winter that we just had to share…

They’re mostly suited for slightly older toddlers or preschoolers – and a few (like PTE) have actual age restrictions. And a few are a little pricy… But if you’re willing to gamble, there are sometimes discount codes floating around in the days leading up to the event. Keep an eye out online (and let us know if you spot one!).

Now through January 07
PTE: The Three Munschketeers

January 15
WSO Concerts for Kids: Beethoven Lives Upstairs

January 26 to 29
Disney on Ice

February 3 to 12
MTYP: The Cat Came Back

February 25 to 26
Winnipeg Baby + Kids Show featuring The Backyardigans

March 04
WSO Concerts for Kids: The Music of Harry Potter

March 31
Richard Scarry’s Busytown Mysteries Live

Have you been to any of these in the past? What did you think? Or are you planning to attend any of these events with your kids this winter? We’d love to hear your thoughts + reviews!

– Lindsay


4 thoughts on “Winter Family Fun Ideas

  1. Our family has gone to the Three Munschketeers for 2 years now… LOVE it! Such great actors and entertainment is for the whole family. We even took our 2.5 year old Marin with our 5- and 4 year old kids and it worked out great… cheaper than getting a babysitter for her!

  2. Thanks for that info, Gina! It’s something I’ve often thought about bringing B to, but just haven’t for some reason… Maybe we’ll check it out next week! I just saw that they’ve added a few additional performances.

    We did Disney on Ice last year (mostly because we got free tickets!) and I was surprised at how much B loved it – even though she was barely two years old. We’re seriously considering going again. Thinking about the MTYP production too. We checked out The Very Hungry Caterpillar there during KidsFest last summer and she still talks about it.

  3. We scored some free tix to the Munschketeers show…can’t wait either! We’ve also taken our kids to the WSO’s Concerts for Kids. Our kids love it. They have a “petting zoo” of instruments prior to the show, and the shows are the perfect length (45 minutes-ish).

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