Santa Baby

Did you know that photos with Santa are FREE at Kildonan Place again this year? True story.

And if you go this Saturday, December 3, your kids will also get a FREE sticker book and FREE candy cane, you also get a coupon for FREE medium Curly Fries from Arby’s.

That’s a lot of FREE.

Have you taken your kids for photos with Santa? How did it go? And more importantly, do you have any awesome + disastrous Santa photos to share (like these)? Everyone loves a good (read: BAD) Santa photo! Email them in and we’ll share them right here.

I’ll get us started. This was Briony’s first Santa experience. She was super happy + smiley + waving and saying hi to Santa – right up until the moment we plunked her onto his lap…

Yeah. And this was almost five minutes later…

I’m glad we didn’t pay for this experience (hehe). We’ll take all the money we saved and put it toward her future therapy bills.

– Lindsay



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