Stocking Stuffers

Hmm… Can you tell we have Christmas on the brain around here? hehe

I am always looking for good ideas for stocking stuffers – for my child AND for my husband. I’ve found a few good online resources here and here and here (thank you again, Pinterest!).

I’d love to know what others have done or any super awesome finds for your stockings this year, because that always seem to trigger some NEW ideas – at least, new for our family!

– Lindsay


4 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffers

  1. I’m doing a $20 challenge, so it’s all going to be stickers, crayons, and semi-healthy treats around here. Maybe also a few Anamalz, cause I snagged them for cheap from Eco Baby Buys. It’ll be trickier to do a $20 stocking for Sam, though… he’s kind of beyond crayons and stickers. 🙂

  2. Taking a little from what my parents did when I was young, I always put a Mandarin orange in the toe, as well as a Christmas ornament. I loved that – meant I had my own collection of decorations when I moved out. I try to keep candy to a minimal, so my kids get Gummy vitamins instead, toothpaste, a new toothbrush and then miscellaneous. They’re still young, so for fillers, I add a little bag of toys (perhaps from the thrift store, depending what they like (ie. my youngest loves those little plastic animals. I’m not sure why! But I picked up a bag at Value Village for $2. My oldest loves Barbies, so I scooped a bag of Barbie clothes for the $2). It’s my attempt at being cheap and environmentally conscious. 🙂 A tradition I’ll incorporate of my parents, when my kids are older, is to stick in a can of soup. Hard pressed financially, my parents didn’t have things to fill our stockings with one year. So to make them look stuffed, they stuck in cans from the pantry. After that, we always had one in there as a reminder of how God had provided for our needs in the past. For now, my kids wouldn’t get why they had a tin in their stockings!

  3. I like to give magazines. They’re inexpensive and something to indulge in over the holiday break. Not exactly something for my kids. The kids get the basics: socks, undies, etc. Maybe a new toothbrush this year, or a small toy. I was a Target in GF a few weeks ago and found little passenger trains that will work with their train set.

  4. We keep things pretty simple too… I grew up with stockings full of practical little things plus a few small surprises. We’ll be doing things like socks, toothbrush, stickers, hair accessories, and a couple of healthy(ish) snacks. In the past, we’ve done a new paci, sippy cup, crayons… Nothing crazy at all. But we’re not crazy Christmas people generally (though I definitely overshopped for Briony this year).

    I love that story about the tins of food, Ann. And I love that you’ll continue that tradition of gratitude with your kids when they’re old enough to understand. Those are the best traditions.

    And I’ve never thought of doing magazines. Geoff would love that! Hmm… Thanks!

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