Deal on Kid City (and other gift ideas)

Speaking of experiences vs STUFF when thinking about holiday gifts (and sticking to your budget)… I always pay attention to our local coupon / team buying websites around the holidays for some non-traditional gift ideas – and there are some fun + frugal ‘family activity’ deals on some of them today.

Here’s the big one:

Today’s LivingSocial deal for Winnipeg is a deal on Kid City: buy 2 kids’ admissions for $9. If you’ve visiting with one child, it only saves you a dollar or two… But as soon as there are two kids involved, it’s a GREAT deal.

The vouchers are good until the beginning of April (excluding Christmas Break and Spring Break) on any Monday through Thursday visit. I snagged one that we’ll either use as an advent activity or I’ll throw it in Briony’s stocking and we’ll have a new option for a cold + otherwise boring morning in the new year.

If you’re interested in buying your own, you can visit this link!

There’s also a 50% off deal for a family membership at the Western Canadian Aviation Museum – $25 for the year – on TeamBuy. It’s not really our cup of tea, but I’m sure it’s someone’s! And it would be a neat gift for your family (or another family) this Christmas.

And finally, SwarmJam has a couple of ‘experiential’ gift ideas – a deal on subscriptions to Style at Home magazine and discounted Stained Glass Window Classes.

– Lindsay


One thought on “Deal on Kid City (and other gift ideas)

  1. Thanks for the Kid City tip, Lindsay – it’s a place I’ve been wanting to check out and I’m sure the winter will provide lots of opportunity for it. Much appreciated! Ann

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