Up For Discussion: Non-Tangible Gifts

My mom and I were talking yesterday about how our “current economic situation” (is anyone else sick of that euphemism for WE SPENT TOO MUCH?) is having a crazy effect on Christmas this year. Advertising and businesses have ramped it up to try and get their budgets balanced, but lots of people are trying to figure out how to cut back on the Christmas insanity. Our group seems to be fairly level-headed about this stuff (and we don’t judge either the Scrooges or the all-out hardcores among us) so when Design Sponge, repository of awesome and beautiful things, posted their first gift guide of the season geared towards non-stuff, I thought it would be nice to share. The upcoming stuff-filled guides will be gorgeous too, but I always appreciate alternative suggestions.

Speaking of non-tangible gifts, Sandy told me at the end of last week that our caregivers loved the MCC Giving Project instead of another Tim Horton’s gift card. There are lots of other options for giving projects that pop up at this time of year too.

Do you give non-tangible gifts? What are your favourites to give or receive?



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