Wrap-Up: 2011. Sniff.

Yesterday was a great ending to our completely awesome fall session of MOMS. The food was awesome, the conversation was super, and we had a fun time sharing our Christmas traditions.

Of course, I lost my paper where I wrote down all the Christmas things that were mentioned, so I’ll plug the CMU Christmas Concert this weekend, Saturday night at 7 and Sunday afternoon at 3 on the North Campus. Add yours in the comments, or send me an email so I can put it in a post!

If you missed the session, or didn’t get a chance to share, let us know what traditions you keep in your family that make the holidays special. And keep checking back here for posts all through our Christmas break. Welcome to the Advent season!



One thought on “Wrap-Up: 2011. Sniff.

  1. A few people were asking about the Tree Farm I mentioned that my family traditionally goes to, the place is called “CD Tree Farm”.
    For more information about the place, here’s the kink


    Have a great Christmas everyone,

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