Wrap-Up: Cardmaking

Were you impressed with the cards you made this morning? I was! We made three nifty cards with the help of Pauline, cardmaker extraordinaire and MOMs alumna. Now comes the tricky part… who is special enough in your life to receive your cards?

We also had a chance to talk with each other while we tried to follow instructions involving sharp objects and glue (was that wise?), and also to share with the group at the start of the session. It can be pretty intimidating to voice your struggles in a big group, but I hope you were able to talk to someone today if you needed to. If you didn’t get the chance, please contact someone from our group. The committee members’ email addresses are all accessible under the Contacts tab at the top of the blog. We come to MOMs to support each other, so don’t go home unburdened.

Next week is our holiday brunch (can you believe it?), and while that is the last OFFICIAL morning until January 12, 2012, we’ve booked the lounge for December 22 to have an informal get-together like we did in the summer. I’ll get there at 9:30 and make coffee, and bring your kids & your snacks and we’ll hang out. You can bring friends or dads or leave your kids at home (supervised, of course), and there’s no fee or anything. It’s just a chance to catch up and get away from the craziness of those last few days before Christmas.



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