Coming Up: Cardmaking

I’m sure that not all of you are as thrilled about this week’s session as I am, because we’re all different and not everyone is a crafty person. But I am super stoked to make fancy-pants cards this week. I’ll probably glue myself to the table and end up crying in the corner because it’s not perfect (Type A? Again? What?) but I’m looking forward to it anyway. Don’t forget to bring glue tape (cool) or a glue stick (less cool but acceptable) if you can get your hands on one.

This is our SECOND LAST SESSION, which is ridiculous because a. SOB and b. Christmas is approaching. Next week will be our wrap-up potluck brunch. It’s always delicious and lots of fun, complete with fabulous prizes. If you didn’t sign up for a sweet or savoury contribution last week and you’ll be missing this week, could you drop a quick email to bethelmoms AT gmail DOT com? Thanks, and see you on Thursday!



One thought on “Coming Up: Cardmaking

  1. I can’t wait for card making tomorrow! Wait, I can totally wait … because I still have to come up with something sweet for snack and I haven’t even begun to think about it yet! Eeep!

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