I Swore I’d Never…

So yesterday, I did something I SWORE I would NEVER do when I became a mom. I picked B up from preschool and then proceeded to pick up a Happy Meal for her lunch.


We’ve all been there, right? Maybe not THERE as in McDonalds but THERE as in THAT PLACE where you find yourself doing things you swore you’d never do – even things that you’ve judged other moms for doing. I know I can add ‘movie afternoons’ and ‘pajama days’ to that list. And probably a hundred other things, but I’m too depressed to think about it any more right now (hehe).

What ‘I swore I’d never’ things have you done since becoming a mom?

– Lindsay


4 thoughts on “I Swore I’d Never…

  1. I swore I’d never placate Lucy with electronic toys (i.e. smartphone, baby laptop, whatever), at least as a preschooler, but she can already play Angry Birds properly. And I let her do it in church. Sigh…

  2. The one thing I actually listened to when it came to my parents advice growing up was “Never say never” (odd, I have Bieber on the brain now) and so when it comes to parenting I have avoided it like the plague. In fact my parents STILL drill that lesson in me. Though I will say, I do find there are some things that I say I would rather not do and have stuck to, only to find Shane has not and that’s kind of annoying sometimes.

    And I have to admit it’s things like grabbing a McDonald’s Happy Meal (or whatever) that I swore I WOULD do (and boy have I – especially on MOMs days!) because it’s those spur of the moment make life easier things that as a kid are TOTALLY fun and unexpected and I adore seeing the smile on my kids’ faces as they realize the norm is being thrown out the door.

  3. I totally make McDonald’s runs, a lot on Thursday mornings! Tricia will tell me she want to go to where the lady gives us food thru the window!!

    I didn’t give myself a lot of I’ll nevers as I believe that almost everything is OK in moderation! The big thing that has been bugging me lately is that I’d always said I wouldn’t be a yelling mom! But that is so me these days and it really needs to stop as Tricia is starting to imitate me and that makes it so much worse!

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