Blogland Changes

It has been truly awesome to see how many hits and comments we’ve been getting on the blog lately! We’re extra happy because it means that our community is extending beyond Thursday mornings, and the blog is becoming what we hoped it would be. I’m working on some changes to the format so that we can have a list of the still-active posts (like the Christmas gifts one, and the Advent ideas), helpful resource posts (the home remedies from earlier this year, last year’s guide to Winnipeg from our perspective), a place to browse the archive by label, and a search feature. These things will be over on the right side. Hopefully I’ll get to this soon, but I thought I’d give you the heads-up so you know it’s going to happen, and also so that you can send in any suggestions you might have to improve. I promise I’ll keep it simple and easy to navigate, don’t worry!



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