Ideas for Winter 2012

Believe it or not, our committee has already met to start planning our Winter 2012 topics, speakers, and activities. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Maybe there’s a topic you’re interested in discussing with other moms, or a speaker you know who’d be fabulous, or a new activity you’ve been wanting to try… Your ideas help us make sure that what we plan is relevant + interesting (and awesome enough to get you out of the house in the depths of a Winnipeg winter!).

Please email me your ideas in the next couple of days (or leave a comment on this post). Thanks!

– Lindsay


One thought on “Ideas for Winter 2012

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Something I’m feeling the need for in my life right now is help with getting organized a little better as a mom/person. I’ve never been a super organized/plan ahead person (fall well into the ‘P’ category on a Myers-Briggs personality test) – but since having kids I’m feeling like I never get ahead on things or finish any project (let alone start one!!). If there are any women out there with some good experience to share on how to de-clutter, organize, meal plan, schedule kids days or all of the above, it’d be much appreciated. I’m not totally unscheduled or disorganized, but I guess I’m in a time of new beginnings and would live to simplify things a bit before more years pass and I wonder what I did with the time! I’m hoping to read a good book or two out to read on the topic in the new year – but I often have good intentions! Not sure if this topic would be helpful (or interesting!) for others, though.
    Thanks for asking!

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