The Story of Christmas

Sorry… Apparently, now that Halloween is over, I’m automatically in Christmas mode (hehe).

I just wanted to share about an awesome little book I found last year. After searching heaven and earth for a toddler-appropriate book that explained REAL Christmas, I found this one at Chapters. It’s a board book that covers the basics of the Christmas story in a very simple way with lots of pictures.

My very favourite part is that it ties in some of our mainstream Christmas traditions by explaining that the wise men brought presents for baby Jesus because they loved him, and that we give gifts at Christmas to show our love. I LOVE THAT. I love that it makes the whole gift giving part of the holiday more relevant (and even a tiny bit biblical-ish).

I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for this kind of book for your little ones.

Has anyone else found a good Christmas book for kids?

– Lindsay


One thought on “The Story of Christmas

  1. I have a really good book about Easter called “What is Easter” by Michelle Medlock Adams, she has a Christmas one that I haven’t read yet, but was planning to look for it, hope its as good.

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