Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

During my one and only pregnancy, I was pregnant over Halloween. But I was REALLY pregnant. GROTESQUELY pregnant. Pregnant enough that I didn’t want to do anything other than sitting on my couch and perfecting the art of balancing a bowl of ice cream on my belly and diligently counting down the seconds until my due date of November 3. Knowing what I know now – that baby wasn’t coming until FREAKING NOVEMBER 16 – I would have seized the opportunity to leave my house + do something to amuse myself and others. But I didn’t. And NOT embracing Halloween while pregnant remains one of my only pregnancy regrets. (I know… I obviously need real problems.)

But YOU don’t have to live with the same regret! And you don’t even have to be creative… Because the internet has been creative for you (hehe). And so, without further ado, I give you 25 awesome ideas for Halloween costumes while you’re pregnant.


– Lindsay


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