I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with dinner.

I actually enjoy cooking under normal circumstances. I don’t ALWAYS enjoy cooking 24/7/365 x THE REST OF ETERNITY… Especially when I’m cooking to please a toddler, a husband, and – OH YEAH – I guess me too. So I’m always looking for new – EASY – ideas to bring into the mix here at our house. And I suspect that I’m probably not the only one.

Comment here to share your family’s dinnertime favourites, with one disclaimer… We’re not looking for your fancy recipes. We all promise to just assume that you’re capable of whipping up something fabulous + magazine worthy when the in-laws are coming over… But what we want are your OTHER recipes – the ones you could make in your sleep (and you probably have, after 72 straight hours with a teething baby).

Ready? Set? Go!

– Lindsay


10 thoughts on “Dinnertime

  1. I’ll start!

    Veggie spaghetti sauce: stir fry all the yummy veggies (carrots, zucchini, peppers, kale/chard, broccoli, anything else languishing in the fridge) + mushrooms and spices (basil+oregano+a few dried chili flakes) and then add two cans of tomato sauce, simmer until the noodles are cooked.


    Mac & Cheese, from my mom’s recipe. If I have a tomato, I put it on top while I bake it. YUM.

    Chickpea curry: saute onions and garlic; add garem masala, cumin, chili powder/cayenne, bay leaf, salt; add tomatoes (sauce, canned, fresh, whatevs) and simmer 10 minutes; add a can of chickpeas, either drained or not; finish with a big blop of yogurt or a can of coconut milk. You can keep simmering for as long as you like.

    Giant salad with tuna and/or cheese and/or hard boiled eggs

    Baked potatoes with all kinds of stuff

    There’s a few! I’d love some new ones, though.

  2. This is ” damn I’m sick and my husband and kids are sick” miso soup.
    this is a quick soup you can do it on the stove top or make it by the cup.
    chicken stock one box or six cups or 1 can ( done as instructions say) ( whatever you have)
    1 to 2 tablespoons miso ( you can find this in the refridgator section of health food stores or some foodfares carry it.
    chopped garlic to taste
    chopped ginger to taste
    chopped green onions to taste
    chopped parsely to taste
    lemon juice to taste
    you can add some sliced tofu or other vegtables but the key is to have lots of these main ingrediants. this is my go to soup for sickies.
    Well got to go baby is crying

  3. Waffles with toppings: white sauce, peanut butter, syrup, jam.

    Crackers and cheese and fruit

    Popcorn and cheese and fruit

    Chicken and veggie stir-fry with rice (just throw in a chicken breast plus whatever veggies are about to go bad, stir-fry with some soy sauce, and serve with rice)

    Spaghetti and sauce (with or without meat)

    My other life-saver is that when I make a batch of soup, I use my gigantic pot (the size of 2 dutch oven pots). This means I have a ton of soup in the freezer. Healthy, easy, and quick to thaw. The soups that are most often in the freezer: tomato soup, hamburger soup, and corn chowder (yes, even the potatoes freeze just fine).

  4. I was actually cooking *properly* for most of this past year because I was on a severely restricted diet (and my family suffered along with me), but I still figured out a ton of shortcuts…

    SLOW COOKER CHICKEN: I make the spice from this recipe x 10 and keep it pre-mixed and ready to go in my cupboard. (It’s really good on chicken breasts too, if I forget to defrost a whole chicken – and chicken breasts bake easily from frozen.)

    OTHER SLOW COOKER STUFF: Soups. Chili. Pretty much anything I can make a giant batch of and then freeze leftovers for a lazy meal or two later. A favourite trick is to do a roast in my slow cooker on Day One, have it for dinner, throw the slow cooker dish with leftover meat + juices in the fridge, then throw it back on for Day Two and turn it into a giant batch of beef barley vegetable soup for dinner (with enough leftover to freeze for a third and sometimes fourth dinner later).

    Or BLACK BEAN + TURKEY TACOS. Or SPAGHETTI. Or the eternally awesome standby… BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!

    I’m impressed that Erika makes soup when her whole family is sick! That’s totally when we pick up avgolemono soup from Nikos…

    • i ‘m not that awsome. Just to clarify. My garlic and ginger i pre- chop and have frozen so i just throw it in the onions and garlic. i rough chop parsely or kale so its doesn’t really take much effort. the make in a mug version I heat in the microwave. ( which i know is a cheat but still works magic) the rest is pretty easy. but yes my husband and i found a vietimse restaurant on our street that makes hot and sour soup which is Darins favorite, so that has become our sickie soup too. Off topic this Vietamse restaurant makes some of the best chinese food I’ve ever tasted. they have a split menu weird eh?

  5. Haha, Annemarie, I was just about to post the EXACT SAME ideas as you. You obviously have excellent taste. 🙂
    Here’s an alternate:
    Make a simple white sauce (milk! Healthy, right?!?).
    Add thawed frozen veggies and chopped boiled eggs.
    Serve on toast.
    Ridiculouls. Gets the job done.

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