National Costume Swap Day

I read a truly disturbing statistic this month… Someone did the math, and we could divert 6,250 tons (TONS!) of landfill waste if half the kids in American swapped costumes this Halloween instead of buying new ones. I know that we’re not in America, but you get the point.

Now, I’m a Halloween lover – and I would never judge the purchase of a super adorable costume! But we also have a couple sitting around our house from previous Halloween celebrations, and it makes good sense to share them.

So in honour of tomorrow – National Costume Swap Day (for real!) – this is your place to let us know if you have a costume up for grabs or if you’re looking for one to buy or borrow. Leave a comment with the details and then organize yourselves to buy, borrow, or trade (I’ll be sending out the official MOMs contact list this weekend so you’ll be able to call or email each other).

If any of our moms are super crafty and might be available to barter alterations or costume parts/accessories, you can let us know about that here too.

Have fun!

– Lindsay


8 thoughts on “National Costume Swap Day

  1. I’ll start us off…

    1. We have a CUTE two-piece Carters girls bumblebee costume (a stuffed body with hood and matching footed tights) in their 18 Month size. Briony wore it just before her first birthday and it fit well but it would definitely have worked for a girl who’s a little bit older. It’s all ready to go, you’d just need to layer your own long-sleeve shirt underneath. I’d prefer to sell (asking $20) but might consider loaning it out.

    2. Last year, Briony dressed up as a ladybug (CUTENESS AGAIN!). We have a custom made ladybug tutu (red + black layers of tulle with black spots sewn on) plus a set of wings, an antenna headband, and a ladybug wand. She wore it just before her second birthday but it’s all elastic or one size fits all so it would definitely work for a two or three year old. You’d need to layer your own shirt, tights, and shoes. She still plays with it – kind of a lot – so we need to hang onto it, but I’d be happy to loan it out for a week if someone needs it!

    Let me know if you’re interested, or if you’d like me to email a photo.

  2. I have a 18-24mth tiger costume. Cade wore it when he was 18mths. I think he couldn’t have fit into it any later than that, fits on the small side.
    Super cute, the paws are mitts that are still attached to the costume with a hood that has the fur and ears on it. That way, if your child doesn’t like something on their head, they don’t have to wear it.
    I’ll be away this weekend but can check my emails at
    If someone would like to buy it, let me know!

  3. I’ve been shopping MCC thrift stores each October and picking up stuff for our costume box. Thrift stores seem to hang on to costume type stuff until October and put it out for Hallowe’en. That’s been a good shopping spot for us.

    We keep them in our costume box for good times all

  4. Hello ladies,

    I am looking for a costume for myself-a 1970’s look-perhaps a disco dancer or just anything 70’s. I’m open to 60’s stuff too but 70’s is my preference. I need it for this week-end (22nd) so if anyone has ideas or costume pieces they would consider loaning me I would be most grateful. E-mail me back or bring me something on Thursday if you are willing.

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