Autumn Craft Ideas

Okay, so I am NOT a crafty mom… But even I could handle these little projects!

I am LOVING these autumn craft ideas for kids. I know that B will be ALL OVER anything that uses leaves from outside – and I’m always a fan of fun printables.

Have you done anything fun + crafty with your kids this fall? Or have you come across some ideas that you’ve filed away for a particularly long day? Share them here!

– Lindsay


6 thoughts on “Autumn Craft Ideas

  1. Ooooooh, I’ve been reading about felted stuff lately (thank-you Pinterest). I’m so not a sewing-type mom, but they do seem awfully cute. It’s easy to do, hey?

    Also, I did some shaving cream art with my kiddos last week which was super easy and turned out beautifully. Here’s a link to it: Some of my kids’ turned out like this, until they decided to just mix the paint altogether, creating a lovely shade of brown. Oh well – they sure smelled good. 🙂

  2. Annemarie: Let’s make it happen!

    Leanne: felting is very easy once you know the technique to it. I took a course last year and fell in love immediately.

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