Dealing With “Purple” Crying

Lots of our moms have brand-new babies, and some of us (like me – eeek) have one on the way, so when I came across this article I thought it would be a good one to share. It’s about coping with that inconsolable and unpreventable phase of crying that’s called “purple” crying (it’s an acronym – the article explains it). Just to warn you, some of the language is colourful, so if your preschooler can read, make sure he/she’s not in the room! Here’s the link.



4 thoughts on “Dealing With “Purple” Crying

  1. This is awesome, Annemarie! A friend sent us information about ‘purple’ crying when Briony was brand new and I thought it was such an important thing to share with new parents. I love that this author totally kept her sense of humour about it too, because when you’re right in the thick of it there is NOTHING funny about a screaming baby…

  2. Hilarious, it’s true who could be mad at a baby with a drawn on mustache. Thankfully my kids have never gone through this, but I definitely feel for those who have. It’s one of those things where you think “I could never ‘shake my baby’ or ‘let them watch tv for hours’ etc” until you have kids and you totally get it.

  3. Thanks Annemarie! This came at the perfect time. Today Lanaya cried ALL DAY. Tim came home to me in my pajamas but I put on make-up and earrings. My mom always told me “no matter how bad it is, a pair of earrings always makes you look like you have your sh** together”. It worked today.

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