Help for Depression

This past Thursday, a member of our group shared openly about her ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety – and it was obvious that the group was affected by her story. Quite simply put, she is not alone in this journey. And I applaud her bravery and her honesty in stepping out and sharing so openly.

The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that – during any 12 month period – 4 to 5% of Canadians will experience major depression, and women experience depression twice as often as men. And that’s just major depression… The stats I found stated that between 12 to 18% of women experience moderate to severe postpartum depression.

I’m not a math person, but I know THAT’S A LOT OF US.

If this is something you think you might need help with, PLEASE take the first step toward doing something about it. There are great resources and information available from the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (both for people experiencing mood disorders and for those wanting to help someone who does). And our group is FULL of people who would love to be your friend and listen to you. I promise.

– Lindsay


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