Thinking About: Support on Tough Days

Annemarie will be doing her regular recap of yesterday’s MOMs soon, but I wanted to jump in quickly and say thank you to all of you who came out on Thursday.

I know that my mom’s story of her journey through breast cancer can be difficult to hear – especially if you or someone close to you has been through cancer or another life-threatening illness. It was obvious that many in the room were affected by it… Whatever you do, please don’t process everything you’re feeling alone. Reach out and talk to someone, okay? I think that was a powerful takeaway from yesterday – the whole idea that tough days are easier when you’re sharing them with people who love and support you.


I *loved* the questions that were asked yesterday, and I’m doing my best to dig up some additional information to share here over the coming days – including the latest recommendations for breast self-exams and hopefully some information for screening in breastfeeding mothers (because I know there are LOTS of people in the group who will find that information relevant!).

If there’s anything else that’s on your mind, please share it here or send me an email. I have some great connections at CancerCare Manitoba and I’ll do my best to find good answers for you.

– Lindsay


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