First Trip to the Dentist

It’s time for me to book my daughter’s first trip to the dentist… I want to get it done before she turns three (hey, may as well take advantage of a free dental appointment – that will never happen again!). I can’t decide between just taking her to my regular dentist – who is totally fine with pint-sized patients – or one of the specialty dentists for kids.

I’m guessing that most of the people in MOMs with kids 2+ have been here – and if you haven’t yet, you will be soon!

So I’m curious to know… What did you decide to do?

– Lindsay


5 thoughts on “First Trip to the Dentist

  1. I tried replying before while I was AT THE DENTIST! But I can’t find my comment so if this is a repeater, I apologize.
    I’ve been taking my kids to Kids Dental in Tuxedo through Cholakis Dentist since they were 1. They are wonderful, the greatest playroom in a waiting room I’ve ever experienced and they leave with a goodie bag (sticker charts, toothbrush, toy). And they even reward those kids who quick bad habits like sucking thumbs with bigger prizes like games, Lego, PlayDoh sets etc. Cade was pretty proud!
    That is our experience.

  2. I brought Tieg to my dentist. I’m just not down with the “ask about our program to put your child to sleep” commercials that Kids dental has on the radio. I’ll be back to Moms group as soon as he grows out of his morning nap!

  3. Can’t say I’ve heard those radio announcements about “putting a child to sleep”. I’m assuming it is for more serious types of procedures. I know I wish I had someone put me to sleep for some of my own experiences let alone have a child go through it.
    I’ve had friends whose kids have had multiple cavities and they put their kids to sleep and were happy how that went compared to holding them down and enduring the screams.
    But I agree that I hope I never have to put my child to sleep that way, though I’m glad there are options just incase.

  4. This won’t be much help, but I brought our kids to my dentist for their first free appointment. Thank goodness it was free, as my kids didn’t even open their mouth for the dentist (even though we did lots of prep for it…reading books, talking, etc.) Maybe it would have been different at a kids dental place, who knows. I’m thinking about taking them to Kids Dental partly because it’s close and also just to help give my kids a positive dentist experience.

  5. I took Tricia to Children’s Dental World on Pembina when she was 2 1/2, mostly because I didn’t think she’d like my dentist, so it seemed like a good second choice. It was a great atmosphere for kids and she wasn’t scared at all. All the dentist did was look in her mouth and count her teeth. I don’t think you need to go to a dentist that specializes in kids if you think your own dentist would be good with your child, I’d also make sure the hygenists in the office would be good with kids as they’ll be the ones cleaning their teeth as they get older, the dentist only sees them for such a small time.

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