Parenting + Chronic Illness

Leanne tipped me off about an article on parenting with chronic illness that appeared in the current issue of Today’s Parent. I know I’m not the only mom in our group who does it with chronic illness, so I wanted to be sure to share it here…

In my opinion, it’s a great article but it really only scratches the surface of the issues that chronic mamas face. But it’s a good start, and I love that people are TALKING ABOUT IT. There are so many of us walking this road, and feeling like we’re the only ones. I know that – for us – my health has factored into everything from choosing baby gear to planning vacations to arranging childcare to family planning and finally making the decision that our daughter will be an only child.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article! And if you’re willing to share about your own experiences with parenting + chronic illness, that would be wonderful too.

– Lindsay

PS – If you come across an article, link, or resource that you think our moms would be interested in, please email it to us and we’ll share it here!


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