Wrap-Up: Welcome to MOMs!

It’s finally here! The fall session of MOMs yesterday and I personally thought it was fabulous to be back in the basement with delicious snack, getting a break from our kids, and seeing old and new friends. We had a full circle and that is great – another sign that our group is super!

We got a lot of information, but most of it will be in various places on the website. The snack schedule, devotion schedule, and some basic guidelines for both will go up before next Thursday, so take advantage of those resources. If you have questions about anything, feel free to contact the committee – our contact info is listed under the tab at the top of the page.

We didn’t have a lot of time for Lindsay’s devotional, but it was definitely thought-provoking. She shared about her experience with Joints in Motion and the crushing feeling of loneliness and abandonment while she was in the thick of her half-marathon in Switzerland. But when she got to the end, she had a huge team of people cheering her on, and she wished that she had known that she had all that support that she couldn’t see. She compared that loneliness to being stuck in the throes of parenthood, and talked about the Real Parenting Revolution that Maggie first shared about last year. The Real Parenting Revolution is a movement starting in Britain to help parents be honest with their struggles and supportive of each other, rather than judgmental and competitive. It has four basic points:

  1. We want you to stop being so hard on yourself. There is no such thing as the perfect parent.
  2. Be honest with each other. If we can talk about our struggles rather than hiding them for fear of being judged, we can shatter the illusion that others are acheiving this perfection.
  3. Be more accepting of others’ parenting choices, and perhaps less defensive of our own.
  4. Help develop a parenting culture where it is seen as not just okay, but normal to ask for help, advice, and guidance in the business of being a parent.

Then Lindsay challenged us to think of what a MOMs group like this would look like. We didn’t have a lot of time to come up with ideas, so add any thoughts or ideas you had in the comments section. (You might win something, you never know!)

Here are some ideas from the groups:

  • Every experience is valid (not wanting to one-up people on good or bad experiences)
  • Learn to be active listeners, absorbing what people are saying before responding
  • Sit down/release/shout/vent
  • Stretching
  • Permission is granted to express frustrations
  • Create a safe space to share
  • Receiving support
  • Question box/support box
  • Checking in on people who don’t come for several weeks

The group I was part of didn’t take any notes (rebels!) but we felt that MOMs already follows a lot of these principles, and that it helps a lot that our kids are separate from us so that we are getting to know each other as people, not just “Lucy’s Mom,” and we also have the opportunity to have a proper conversation without worrying about what our kids are up to (most of the time). So what do you think? Do you feel safe and supported in our group? What can we do better? What do you need to be a real parent?



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