Preschools in the Community

Heidi – one of our moms – has sometimes shared about a preschool/playgroup her boys attend called Kinderschule. It’s a German bilingual program that’s located at St. George’s Anglican Church on Grosvenor at Wilton.

From Heidi:

There are lots of German songs the kids learn, and several German cultural events throughout the year that parents/families/community members can join in on, so it’s more than just a preschool.

A few important facts:

  • You/your kid(s) don’t need to know German to attend.
  • The playgroup is parent attended and available Wednesday and Thursday, at the same time as the preschool classes, so older siblings can go at the same time as younger.
  • The preschool part (toilet trained kids) is available every morning (and one afternoon for morning Kindergarten kids).
  • The preschool part costs approximately $12 per morning (2.5 hours). The playgroup is less but I can’t remember how much.

For more information, talk to Heidi or Maggie, email Heidi, or call Kinderschule directly at 231.8028.

As well, my daughter is attending Oak Street Nursery School in St. Andrew’s United Church on Oak at Kingsway. I heard this past week that there are a few spots still available…

Their three year old program runs on Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri mornings and you can choose to send your child anywhere from two to four mornings a week. Their four year old program runs on Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri afternoons and you can choose to send your child anywhere from two to four afternoons a week.

I can’t remember off-hand what we’re paying, but it’s very reasonably priced and Briony *loves* it so far. If you want to know more, please email me (Lindsay) and I’ll send you the info!

If you have more information on preschools or playgroups in the community that you’d recommend, or projects that you’re involved with, please submit the info and we’re happy to share it here on our website!

– Lindsay


One thought on “Preschools in the Community

  1. Hi guys,

    I’ve got another pre-school option here. Ecole LaVerendrye, (290 Lilac St,) also has room for any child who will be 4 years old by Dec. 31, 2011. I teach the Nursery class in the afternoons. It’s a free program if you live within the Winnipeg School Division limits (call the school at 452-5015 if you’re not sure). It’s 2 1/2 hours everyday, a fun French immersion environment! 8:30-11 am mornings or 12:30-3:00 pm afternoons. If you prefer to just do a couple days a week that’s to tally fine too.


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